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The Problem: You want to improve website performance!

  • You know that your website is under performing, but you don't understand why.
  • You need to generate new customers organically - PPC is too expensive.
  • Your competition appears higher in search results.
  • You need to improve your website's productivity. 

The Solution: You take control of your website performance by:

  • Develop a data-driven SEO Road Map that helps increase website performance over time.
  • Executing a consumer search behavior model to understand how visitors are searching for your products.  
  • Execute an SEO Audit of your website to find out what needs to be optimized.
  • Normalize the findings of the SEO Audit with your visitors Search Behavior. 
  • Execute the remaining task in your SEO Road Map. These will include LinkingImageLocal and Mobile SEO strategies.

The Benefits: This will help you:

  • Drive new customers to your website because you know exactly how consumers are searching for your products and services.
  • Identifying compelling content opportunities to target a new category of visitors.
  • Increase your organic search footprint over time.
  • Improving your customer's experience because they found exactly what they were looking for.

Take the next step!

webassets/CallMeNowButtonRED2.jpgCall me for a free no-obligation consultation.
You can also send us an email at: Mark@MSprague.com and we will send you a complementary case study showing how consumers search for products and services in a market segment. This will give you insight into what a Consumer Search Behavior Model can do for your company. If you are located in the Boston area we can arrange an exploratory meeting to discuss your strategy.

About Lexington eBusiness Consulting

"I've worked with Mark several times and each time I learn something new. Every company should talk with Mark before they put up a new website, create a content strategy or even think about SEO." Bobbie Carlton, CEO, Carlton PR & Marketing.

Mark Sprague of Lexington eBusiness Consulting has 25 years of consumer and business product development experience, includes technical expertise in Search Engines, Information Products, SEO platforms and Social Networking applications. He has recently been consulting in Pharma, Insurance and B2B Services. This in depth product knowledge will help you to refine services that new and existing customers will find compelling.
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