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Lexington eBusiness Clients and Testimonials


 “Mark Sprague is one of the smartest guys I know, period. His depth and breadth of experience really separates him from the field because he has literally been there and done that in more diverse fields than anybody I know. And he has done it so well that he has positively impacted the trajectory of literally dozens of firms. When I was at Allstate his work helped us to dominate in a number of areas where our competitors were really struggling." Mike Boyle former CIO at Robertson Stephens, Allstate and Aflac (retired). Currently, CEO, Perseus Technical Strategies, LLC. 


"Mark’s SEO expertise, combined with his broad business knowledge, is the best investment any start-up company can make. He has enabled us to integrate multiple strategic initiatives for a more efficient and effective business plan moving forward." Kelly Marchetti, CEO, MyRecovers Inc.


"As CTO of mShopper, a customer facing mobile price comparison and shopping service, we encountered some very complex issues. I engaged Mark Sprague and he provided invaluable content expertise and architectural advice for our business logic and our search engine tools". Alec P. Karys, former CTO, mShopper
  • Zmags Inc. - SEO site analysis, Search behavior modeling (keyword strategy), LinkedIn strategy.
  • Intesouce Inc. - Keyword Research strategy, SEO Audit, Linking Strategies. 

"I have worked with Mark on a number of occasions. Most recently I engaged Mark to lead the diligence effort on a search based business. As a result of Mark's depth of understanding of how search engines work he was able to tease the business apart in a way we would not have achieved without his help." Claude Sheer, CEO Vault Inc.


"Intesource hired Lexington eBusiness Consulting to architect our SEO strategy. Mark Sprague provided expert knowledge and advice in search model behavior, website optimization, linking strategy, and competitor analysis. We are very pleased with Mark's work and look forward to working with him on future projects." Gabriel Gabaldon, CTO Intesource Inc.

  • Relay Technology Management - CTO, Search technologies, Content strategy, UI Design, SEO.
  • CashStar Inc. - Social networking strategies, search engine optimization strategies / search behavior models, and best practice models for social media.
  • FetchDog Inc. - Search engine optimization (SEO) and content strategies.
  • Attivio Inc. - Enterprise Search.
"We have worked with Mark Sprague and the Lexington Consulting Group over the last 15 years. There are few people that have the expertise and experience to stay current in the ever changing world of technology. We heartily recommend Mark and his colleagues." Robert E. Shapiro, CEO, Waterford Development Corp.
  • The Neighborhoods at Woodland Pond - Search behavior models, SEO site analysis, local search strategies, Facebook / Twitter / Blogging strategy.
  • Community Phonebook Co. - Data models and search strategy for yellow book directories.
  • Dakota Ventures - Product definition and information architecture for search and social networks.
  • B*tween Productions - Requirements for social communications and virtual goods strategy for the BeaconStreetGirls.com.
  • WashingtonVC - Social networks, Social bookmarking and Social search.

"I've worked with Mark Sprague on many projects over the years from Green Tech to Pharma BI discovery. He brings solid expertise and experience to the entire website development process. This includes knowledge of UIX, SEO and Content Strategy." Lynn Cyr, User Experience Designer.

  • Everyday Solutions Inc. - Parent notification service using GPS, SMS and automated voice broadcasting technologies.
  • Hartford Insurance Company - Taxonomy and Domain modeling.
  • mShopper.com - Search strategies, taxonomy development, auto-classification and information architecture. Data models for mobile devices.
  • NameMedia Inc. - Product management, taxonomy, auto-classification, search strategies, web analytics and Meta data model development.

"I've worked with Mark several times and each time I learn something new.  Every company should talk with Mark before they put up a new website, create a content strategy or even think about SEO." Bobbie Carlton, CEO, Carlton PR & Marketing.

  • Ziff-Davis Publishing, Inc. - Research
  • Ledge Multimedia, Inc. - Board of Directors
  • Dataware Technologies, Inc. - Search technologies, industry research.
  • InfoSoft, Inc.- Industry research, product due-diligence
"I worked with Mark when he served as the Chief Technology Officer at Relay Technology Management. Mark brought several skill sets to bear at Relay in his capacity as CTO, including product development planning, complex content strategy, and search engine optimization and strategy. Mark was an excellent member of our team and beyond his technical understanding of complex software development, he was an excellent manager of Relay's development team during a rapid development time in Relay's history. Mark helped us implement an agile development plan which enabled Relay to develop our software products ahead of schedule and under budget. Mark's SEO expertise was immediately useful to our sales team. Mark's experience and know-how with software development and search technologies and SEO make him an invaluable asset to any organization". Dave Greenwald, Founder - Relay Technology Management
  • AT&T InterChange - Product development, social networking.
  • The Waterford Group - Due-diligence.
  • Inso Corporation - Industry research.

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