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Content and Information Architecture Consulting 

Not enough internal expertise to execute a content strategy? If you are interested in developing new information services, I’m a content expert who can help you solve content problems. My expertise in this area will help you turn your content strategy into a consumer-friendly experience.

Ways I can help your company

  • Function as a content expert to help develop new content ideas
  • Execute research, strategy, vision and requirements for information products
  • Develop search and information architecture for the Enterprise / corporate website
  • Develop integration, aggregation and user generated content strategies
  • Develop health-care / consumer taxonomy and domain models
  • Implement auto-classification and entity extraction solutions
  • Develop Meta data models for web services and mobile devices
  • Develop Directory services for small businesses
Recent Content Project
I helped Relay Technology Management, a pharmaceuticals startup develop and execute their content strategy which included loading and parsing large-scale content databases from PubMed, ClinicalTrials.Gov, NIH and the FDA amoung others. We employed the MeSH Taxonomy as an organization strategy, and used the Attivio Active Intelligence Engine as the consumer-facing BI tool.

Search Engine Consulting 

I’m a search engine expert who can help you solve enterprise search problems. I founded the Northern Light search engine, and have defined, designed and shipped many information related products and services in my career. My expertise in search and information architecture will insure the proper implementation of an enterprise search solution. I’m also very adept at defining a world-class user experience in search products.

Other ways I can help your company
  • Function as a temporary search expert/managerwebassets/CallMeNowButtonRED2.jpg
  • Develop the search strategy, vision and search requirements
  • Develop optimization strategies for content
  • Develop the search specifications and RFP’s for the enterprise search vendors
  • Help facilitate the search engine selection process through proof of concept projects
  • Help with visual design of user interface for internal deployment of the search platform
  • Develop the strategic search and information road-map for the executive team
  • Develop the search and information architecture for the corporate web site
  • Train an internal resource to assume the role of search engine expert at the end of the project
Search Engine Projects
Recent search engine projects include work with MShopper.com, Fetch My Content, Inc., Relay Technology Management and several collaborations with Attivio.com.

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