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Industry Expertise

  • Search Engine Marketing - SEO Audits, Advanced Keyword Research
  • Pharmaceuticals - Content, Search, SEO, Product Development
  • University Medical Centers - SEO strategy and Product Due Diligence
  • Publishing - Content Strategies, Specifications, Consumer Search Behavior
  • Insurance - Social Media, SEO, Consumer Search Behavior, Advanced Keyword Research
  • Real Estate - SEO, Social Media, Consumer Search Behavior
  • eCommerce - Product Definition, Search, Taxonomies, Specifications, SEO Audit
  • Non-Profits - Consumer Search Behavior, SEO, Keyword Research
  • 2D Barcodes / Microsoft Tags - Technical & Marketing Primers
  • Social Network Technology - Community Software Platforms, Specifications, Requirements
  • Domain Name Services - Auto-Classification, Entity Extraction, Requirements
  • Digital Gift Cards - SEO, Consumer Search Behavior, Social Media, Keyword Research
  • Search Engines - Web Search, Faceted Search, Enterprise Search

Areas of Expertise 

Search Engines and SEO

Consumer Search Behavior for AdWords

Social Media / Social Networks

2D Barcodes / Technology Platforms

Content Strategy / Management

  • Content integration and aggregation
  • Information architecture and Meta Data management
  • Taxonomy and domain model development
  • Meta data models for web services and mobile devices
  • User-generated content
  • E-publishing and media development
  • Directory services for small businesses
Product Development / Management
  • Product strategy, product definition and UI design
  • Product research and business requirement documents
  • Technical / Product specifications
  • Human factors usability testing
  • Ecommerce infrastructure and services

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