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Why Mark Sprague can help the entrepreneur?

He understands how it works. He's co-founded / founded three companies - Software Digest, a publishing venture; NorthernLight.com, a search engine and Lexington eBusiness Consulting, a sole proprietorship specializing in Search, SEO, Content and Social Networking strategies. 

He's been through the cycle of growing a company from a single employee to over two hundred. Acting as an advisor to the senior founding team his expertise in early-stage startup cycles will strip the uncertainty out of turning a great idea into a great product.

Why is Mark Sprague's experience valuable to the entrepreneur?

He's experienced the product development cycle many times in many forms. He defined, designed and shipped over a hundred educational, consumer and business products / services in his career. These experiences provided extensive knowledge about the complex interaction of consumers with applications at complex websites.

What expertise can Mark Sprague provide the entrepreneur?

The exposure to so many varied product development initiatives generated extensive expertise to help the entrepreneur improve product ideas and website performance. Important areas of expertise include:

  • Deep understanding of search engine technologies (findability).
  • Extensive knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Deep insight into consumer search behavior.
  • Solid approaches to user generated content and content optimization strategies.
  • Extensive experience in information architecture, website definition and design.
  • Experience with product strategy,requirements and technical specifications.
  • Early adopter of website usability studies for website refinement.
  • Early adopter of Social networking strategies.
  • Development of strategic long-term roadmaps for products and SEO.
  • Developed technical product strategy that that passed VC due diligence.


Startup / Mentoring Experience

Currently mentoring startups at the Northeastern University Incubator - IDEA.

I'm also advise the following startups:


"Mark’s SEO expertise, combined with his broad business knowledge, is the best investment any start-up company can make. He has enabled us to integrate multiple strategic initiatives for a more efficient and effective business plan moving forward." 

Kelly Marchetti, CEO, MyRecovers Inc.

"Mark's expertise and experience with search engine technologies and content strategy was instrumental in developing the Relay Technology platform." 

Evan Smith MD, VP Engineering.

Helping Executives Improve Website Performance